~ Code quality ~

Code Coverage Is NOT useless

Clickbait titles aside, how you use your signals is important. Not just for measuring code coverage.

High Quality Quality

When you say you want quality software, what are you really asking for, and how can you get it?

Readability vs Idioms

Just what is readability anyway?

Hey, That's Pretty Clever

That’s pretty clever, so fix it.

Applesauce, Names, and Refactoring

Naming is important. Even if it’s applesauce

TDD Anti-patterns

Some kinds of tests you just don’t want to write


There is a difference between testing before and after coding

Lint Filters And Testing

Tests are like cleaning the lint filter on your dryer

Where do defects come from?

Is it someone’s fault, the system’s fault, or a balance of both?

Why We Test

The purpose of testing is to increase confidence for stakeholders through evidence.