~ Refactoring ~

Three More Tells

Tell em 3 times applies to more than presentations. It works in design too.

What Are You Testing? II

Because why you test is as important as what you test.

Effective Software Engineers

Perhaps oddly, perhaps not, the traits of an effective software engineer have nothing to do with software

What Are You Testing?

Because what you test is as important as how you test it.


Sometimes you need to say it out loud and to others.

Something Smells ... Primitive

Primitive obsession sneaks in when you least expect it and makes things worse.

What Is Technical Debt Anyway?

Technical debt is not doing a bad job now and fixing it later.

What happens when you can't even Tidy First?

What is Refactoring and when do you do it?

Applesauce, Names, and Refactoring

Naming is important. Even if it’s applesauce


There is a difference between testing before and after coding