~ Systems thinking ~

Radiating Information

No one reads those automated status emails. You’ve got to radiate the information

Games And Agency

What if we were to think of the role of engineering manager as equivalent to a dungeon master? How does that lens change how we see things?

Shallow Hurry

The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.

Lead With the Why, Not the Way

Don’t just tell people what to do. Help them understand why they want to do it and how it’s good for them (and everyone).

How Buildings Learn

Can you design for change and re-use? Should you? Isn’t doing one thing and doing it well the goal?

Seeing Like a State

It’s very easy to fall into the habit of seeing like a state. It’s also not very helpful.

What You Do Next

What can Jazz teach us about the art of software development.

Incident Response

There’s a lot to learn from aviation. Particularly around incident management

Autonomy, Alignment, Purpose, and Urgency

What are these forces, and how do they interact?

Effective Software Engineers

Perhaps oddly, perhaps not, the traits of an effective software engineer have nothing to do with software

Breaker Breaker Rubber Duck

You can rubber duck too much, but please, take a moment to think about the problem before you give up trying.


Balancing forces can make for apparent paradoxes


What are those policies for? Why do we have them and how long should they live?

This Is The Way

60 years in, the Unix way still makes a lot of sense

Design Is Iterative

As long ago as 1968, BDUF was a bad idea.

Software Development Is A Social Activity

We aspire to uncouple with clear boundaries, but we need to work together

Error Based Development

If you can’t change the error how can you fix it?