~ Assumptions ~

Fly Like An Eagle

Time is hard. When you find out about something is just as important as when it actually happened. So you need to track ALL of the details.

0, 1, Many

There are an infinite number of integers. How many do you use in your thinking and planning?

Average Practice

Eventually what was a best practice in one situation turns into an average practice for the industry.

All Models Are Wrong, But Some Are Useful

The trick is to know which models to use, and when to use them.


It Depends is human for the lack of context error code.

Pass or Fail?

Why do students pass or fail tests, but software tests pass or fail?

Happy Winter Solstice

What does it really mean when we say it’s the shortest day?

Omission vs Commission

Some bugs are caused by the things you do, some are caused by the things you don’t do.

Consensus vs. Consent

There IS a difference between the two. Make sure you’re going for the one you need.