by Leon Rosenshein

About Me

Hi all. I’m Leon Rosenshein. If you see me I’ll probably be in a Hawaiian shirt, Fedora, and shorts.

I’m a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer by training and sort of drifted into computers and infrastructure. I started my career doing flight simulation for the US Air Force and games (Falcon 4, Flight Simulator, Combat Flight Simulator, Train Simulator). Prior to returning to Aurora, I worked at Amazon on the Just Walk Out team. Before that I worked at Aurora and Uber/ATG on infrastructure for developing and testing autonomous vehicles. Between simulation and robot vehicles I worked on all aspects of online mapping, from data collection and processing to 3D modeling and rendering at Microsoft.

I’m currently working at Aurora. My focus is on software quality, so that Aurora can deliver the benefits of self-driving, safely, quickly, and broadly. I’m still getting back up to spped, but I’m having fun and learning a lot.

I’ve been in Louisville, CO since 2007. You can often see me walking to the office, regardless of the weather. When not at my day job or working on this blog I spend a lot of time reading and building LEGO models. I’m currently working on The Heavy Duty Tow Truck, and just finished the typewriter.