~ Testing ~

Three More Tells

Tell em 3 times applies to more than presentations. It works in design too.

What Are You Testing? II

Because why you test is as important as what you test.

Pass or Fail?

Why do students pass or fail tests, but software tests pass or fail?

What Are You Testing?

Because what you test is as important as how you test it.


Testing and the essential attributes of what you’re testing

Omission vs Commission

Some bugs are caused by the things you do, some are caused by the things you don’t do.

TDD Anti-patterns

Some kinds of tests you just don’t want to write

Good Habits

Good habits are good, but there can be too much of a good thing


There is a difference between testing before and after coding

Lint Filters And Testing

Tests are like cleaning the lint filter on your dryer

Why We Test

The purpose of testing is to increase confidence for stakeholders through evidence.