~ Code for the maintainer ~


Optionality is much more than having options. It’s about making the future possible instead of boxing yourself in.

Break It Down, Even At Small Scale

Similar to MMMSS, you can also break your tasks down further.

It's A Trap

All languages are not equal. You should use the language you’re using.

Any fool can write code the computer understands.

You can write bad code in any language. You can write good code in any language. The choice is yours.

Effective Software Engineers

Perhaps oddly, perhaps not, the traits of an effective software engineer have nothing to do with software

One Thing At A Time

Trying multiple things at once is NOT faster

What happens when you can't even Tidy First?

What is Refactoring and when do you do it?

Applesauce, Names, and Refactoring

Naming is important. Even if it’s applesauce

Code Golf

In golf you want fewer strokes. In code, that’s rarely the case.