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0, 1, Many

There are an infinite number of integers. How many do you use in your thinking and planning?

Average Practice

Eventually what was a best practice in one situation turns into an average practice for the industry.

All Models Are Wrong, But Some Are Useful

The trick is to know which models to use, and when to use them.

The Law Of Instruments

How you see a problem is just as much of a bias as how you respond to it.


Testing and the essential attributes of what you’re testing

Careers Pt 3 - Visualizing Progressions

Visualizing your career progression to manage your career

Careers Pt 2 – Breaking Down Scope

Understanding what scope of influence means in practice

The Importance Of (down) Time

Why taking a break is so important to having an impact

Careers Pt 1 - Levels

Level is really a proxy of scope of influence