~ It depends ~

That's the way it is

How you describe a situation has a lot of impact on how you approch it. Do you take away or give yourself agency?

The Power Of No

Sometimes the fastest way forward is to say No to doing something. The trick is knowing when to say no.

Primitive Obsession and Boolean Blindness

George Boole brought us Boolean logic. There’s tremendous benefit in using it. But sometimes, it can also blind you to a deeper truth.

Deploying vs. Releasing

We deploy code and release features. We usually assume those two things are the same, but are they really? And should they be?

You Broke What?

It happens to everyone. What happens next is what’s important. That’s where the blames post-mortem comes in

The Dude Abides

The Big Lebowski is more than a comedy or whodoneit. It’s a commentary on life. And the inspiration for Dude’s Law.


Where you are influences not just what you see, but how you see it.

Monolith Is A Deployment Strategy, Not An Architecture

It’s important to distinguish the how from the what and the why.

High Quality Quality

When you say you want quality software, what are you really asking for, and how can you get it?

Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

I got my attribution wrong, and you probably did too, but the point is just as valid.


It Depends is human for the lack of context error code.

Don't Be Too DRY

It’s good to be DRY, but you can have too much of a good thing

Breaker Breaker Rubber Duck

You can rubber duck too much, but please, take a moment to think about the problem before you give up trying.


Balancing forces can make for apparent paradoxes

WIP and Queuing Theory

Shipping sooner by starting less.