by Leon Rosenshein

Building And Scaling A High Performing Culture

Today's link isn't directly technology, but it's oh so related to everything we do. It's a little longer than some, but very foundational.

How do we build a culture that supports high performing teams? I'll bet many of you have heard of Bruce Tuckman's Stages of Development. Tuckman's Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing model is a really good way to describe how teams come together and grow, but isn't very prescriptive about how to help a team get from one stage to the next, particularly how to get to Performing. In fact, change is hard. Changing culture is even harder. As someone once put it to me, "In the battle between change and culture, culture almost always wins." If you want change, first you need to change culture. So, how do we change culture? Check out Randy Shoup's article.