by Leon Rosenshein

Open Source

We all benefit from it. I know I do. The number of open source plugins/add-ons/tools I have had to install to make OSX useable as a developer system is way higher than I think it should be, but there it is. I've done a little bit to help out open source projects, from HDFS to Docker to Peloton. Not PRs or commits, but bug reports, beta testing, code contributions that someone else added, but the benefits I've getting fro OS tools far outweighs what I've put in. And that's true for just about everyone I've talked to or heard about, but not everyone. So how do those folks get compensated? What do we expect from them going forward? I think everyone should get to make that choice for themselves, but it can be a slippery slope. I don't think it's as bad as this article says, but it does raise some good points. How do we make sure we're not valuing "code" over "people"?