by Leon Rosenshein

Intro To Architecture

Name dropping today. Neal Ford and Mark Richards. I've met and talked to both of them a few times. Had some really interesting conversations around scope of influence and the difference between a software developer and a software architect. They're both very good at not only high level architecture discussions but digging in to the details and thinking about specific use cases and approaches. They've got a new book coming out, Fundamentals of Software Architecure, and they're doing a webinar about it next month. Since we're all spending all our time online anyway, if software architecture is something you're interested in, think about checking it out.

Another thing to think about if you're interested in architecture is an architectural kata. I've done them with both Neal and Mark, and led a few sessions, at Uber and elsewhere. If you're interested in doing a kata session after we're back in the office let me know. If there's enough interest I'd love to run another session.