by Leon Rosenshein

Github And VSCode

I keep finding more things to like about VSCode. There's LiveShare, which I talked about a few months ago for pair programming/demos/help debugging. There's integration with remote containers, which lets you develop remotely almost like you're there. And one thing I recently started using, the GitHub Pull Requests and Issues plugin.

With the GitHub plugin you can do your PR reviews right in VSCode. There are lots of benefits. It starts with not having to go open some other app/website. It's all right there for you. You can create a new PR, see someone else's, and add comments/approve/ask for changes right away.

The editor is the same, so however you've got it configured and trained your fingers just works. Diffs are displayed the way you want, and always displayed the same. You also have access to the entire codebase, with all the context. You can see how/where methods and classes are used. You can see the history of the code. You can see the annotations. So next time you need to create/review a PR, give the extension a shot.

What's your favorite VSCode extension?