by Leon Rosenshein

Moving Day, Part 2

Today is the first day in the new house. Of course many things are the same. This channel hasn't changed (yet). Still in the same office away from the office. Still using the same hardware. Still working on the same projects. Goals are still mostly the same.

But, lots of things have changed. And again, in the spirit of a physical move, some things to keep in mind as we settle into our new home.

Know who to go to when you have questions. Know both the new and old IT and HR links. Know the slack channel(s) for realtime tech questions.

First,make sure you're in the right place. Get out your map and read over the directions before you get started. Always a good idea to understand the bigger picture before you dive into the details.

When you've gotten the all-clear and you're ready, unpack your stuff. For some (Windows) it's trivial. For some (linux) it's easy, but make sure you don't miss a step. For others (MacOS) it's a complete reset. It's not trivial, and it's not instant. Don't expect it to be fast and you won't find yourself disappointed.

If you're on MacOS you'll have the opportunity to fix those little things that were annoying you. While you reinstall everything and reconfigure things take the opportunity to make adjustments you never quite got to. If nothing else you'll get rid of a lot of cruft and be on the latest version of things :)

Once you have things mostly settled, get the list of TODO's you put together and get started. Don't be surprised if you realize there is more setup and adjustment needed. That's a normal part of getting back to work after a move. It's going to take a while to get moving again, and that's OK.

Finally, remember to stop occasionally and take a deep breath. There's a lot going on, and change is stressful. Instead of denying it, acknowledge it and work with it. It will make it easier for everyone. Don't expect to get too much done today, or for the next couple of days. Work back up to it and you'll see things beginning to work smoothly again.