by Leon Rosenshein

Moving On

Today was my last day at Aurora. Some of you I’ve worked with for 15+ years across 3 ½ companies, others only for a few months at one company. Regardless, to all of you, a big thank you. You’ve all helped me learn and grow. As a developer, an architect, a mentor, and as a person.

Even though it’s been just over a year, I look back at all that’s been accomplished and it’s truly impressive. Aurora merged two companies’ people, technology, and infrastructure. It’s gone public. It’s pulling loads for partners. It’s showing the world that they can move the goods and manage the fleets.

Although I’m moving on, I have complete confidence that they will successfully bring not just the Aurora Driver, but the entire ecosystem, to market, safely, quickly, and broadly.

Thank you again, and I’ll miss you.