by Leon Rosenshein

Another Year In Review

At least I hope the year ends tonight, but I'll have to check tomorrow to be sure. Going with the assumption that the year does end, some thoughts on the year that was.

It started like any other year. Lots of interesting challenges, what with shutting down one DC and turning up another. Lots of new tech to learn about and fit together. Then things changed. And they didn't change. Life went on. Work went on. We still turned down one DC and turned up another. Learned a lot about Authentication, AWS, Kubernetes and Prometheus, *and* how to fit them all together into a coherent whole. And I wrote a bunch of daily dev topics, over 225 of them. Here's a few of them, presented in chronological order, that either I liked or got a lot of interest. Enjoy and see you next year.

Jan 15th Naming Things

Feb 25th Breaking New Ground

Apr 29th Fear, Courage, and Professionalism

Jun 30th Vorlons vs. Shadows

Aug 3rd Careers

Sep 30th OKRs and KPIs

Oct 13th Silos vs Ownership

Oct 21st Stories vs Tasks

Oct 27th Commits vs PRs

Nov 20th Implicit vs Explicit

Nov 25th Take Time