by Leon Rosenshein

A little housekeeping

It turns out, unsurprisingly, that having 500+ blog posts in a single directory isn’t a great way to run things. To that end, I’m moving a bunch of stuff around. To you the user there isn’t much change. The new links are of the form /posts/<year>/<month>/<day> instead of /posts/<year>-<month>-<day>. If you’re following a link with the old format it should still work, but if it doesn’t, you’ll get a message saying it’s unavailable and a link to the new format.

I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed all of the internal links, but there may be a few I’ve missed. If I’ve missed something just shoot me a quick note and I’ll fix it. While you’re waiting you can do the manual translation. For me, though it makes things much easier under the covers. For anyone who’s having problems finding things, I appologize. This new system should work for the next few years at least :)